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How To Keep Your Shoes and Clothing Dry and Clean While Traveling

We’ve all done it…bought a pair of new shoes for our adventure overseas or to the Pacific Northwest where the grass is green but rain in abundance only to step in “it”. It really doesn’t matter what the “it” is because “it” ruins your shoes. Is there a way that you can keep your shoes clean and dry while traveling? Of course! As a full service travel agency in Cleveland, Tennessee we’re here to help you with not only your travel arrangements but how to stay safe, warm and dry while enjoying the time of your life.

Here’s how to ensure you stay dry and clean while traveling:

  1. Wash Your Clothes in a Plastic Bag – You read right. Did you know that it’s easy to wash your clothes while traveling when there’s no washing machine at your disposal? Simply us a plastic bag, soap and some water. Take your clothes and put them in the plastic garbage bag. Add soap and hot water then knead your clothes for about 5 minutes. Don’t take them out yet, they’re not done. Leave them to soak for about another 10 minutes or so. Voila! You’re ready to rinse them in the bathtub and hang them to dry.

  2. Dry Your Clothes By Twisting Them - If you’re an old western movie buff then you’ve seen this done during one. Simply roll your wet clothes in a dry towel and twist. This will wring out any excess water so that when you hang them over a shower rod they’ll dry quicker.

  3. Waterproof Your Shoes Before Leaving Home – Buying waterproof shoes may not be feasible (or stylish). There is a way to waterproof your shoes. First, wash your shoes with dish soap. Next, take a bar of beeswax and rub it all over your shoes covering every inch. Third, take a hair dryer and apply medium heat to your shoe. Just like that, your shoes are waterproof.

There you have it! How to stay clean and dry while traveling. If you’re still looking for a fun and adventurous destination to try out please give us a call. We are a full service travel agency in Cleveland, Tennessee and have been most everywhere. We are here to give advice on where to stay, what to do and how to get there. Happy travels!

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