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OUTLAND TRAVEL offers the following services for the various needs of individuals, couples, families or groups:

Leisure Travel (Land-based)

     - Adventure vacations and All-Inclusive getaways

     - Amusement and Theme parks

     - Historical, Cultural and Educational-oriented excursions

     - Special Events (Family Reunions, Weddings, Honeymoons,                    Business Incentives, Employee Rewards, etc.)


Leisure Travel (Cruises)

     - Ocean or River Cruises - U.S. or world-wide.

     - Cruise/Tours - Itineraries including both cruise- and land-based
           travel components.

     - Special Events (Family Reunions, Weddings, Honeymoons,                    Business Incentives, Employee Rewards, etc.)


Humanitarian Group Travel

     - Specialists in providing Church Mission, Non-Profit and
          Humanitarian Group travel including all arrangements, no
          matter the group size, destination or complexity of travel.


Miscellaneous Services (not already included in above)

     - Air Travel Reservations and Ticketing

     - Lodging (Hotels, B&B's, Boutiques, Private, etc.)

     - Tours (General sightseeing or Specialized)

     - Passport and/or Visa Requirements



We offer


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It would be our pleasure to assist you in making whatever travel plans you desire. We take pride in service to our clients and would welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in making a great travel event with you. Thank you for choosing OUTLAND TRAVEL!

                     --- Donna Davis, Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q:  How much does OUTLAND TRAVEL charge to help me with planning my vacation or travel event?

A:  Surprising as it may seem, most of our services are without charge to our customers.  Our income is provided through commission from our travel partners and suppliers.  This way, you can take maximum advantage of our professional planning expertise without paying the full cost.


Q:  How long should I allow for OUTLAND TRAVEL to put together my vacation plans?

A:  For individuals, couples, or families, complete arrangements could be done in as little as 3-4 days. However, the typical planning time is usually about 2-3 weeks depending, of course, on the exact details of your travel plans.  Group planning can take several weeks to a month or longer, again depending on the size of the group and the complexity of the itinerary.


Q:  Do I need to come to the office to meet with my travel planner or to complete any paperwork?

A:  The majority of our travel planning is done over the phone and through email.  All forms, documents and other paperwork can be delivered through regular mail or by using email so your presence in the office is not required.


Q:  I have a lot of questions about taking a vacation trip.  What's the best way to get started?

A:  The best way to get started is to utilize the Internet...and our web site, of course...to make some preliminary plans.  Once you have an idea about what you want to do, where you want to go, and what your schedule and budget are, then give us a call. We'll jump in wherever you are and take it from there!


Travel is our passion and we believe that exploring the world around us is a great way to become a better person...more informed, more intelligent, more understanding and more able to face everyday risks and challenges.  And, travel gives us a glimpse outside our own little circle of existence, showing us a new and refreshing perspective on daily life.


We are here to encourage everyone to expand their world views through travel.  We seek to give our customers a great travel experience that is both exciting and enjoyable while, at the same time, relaxing and worry-free.  Our purpose is to see that you, your family or group get the very special vacation or travel event that you are expecting.


We devote our experience, resources and travel expertise to help you have the very best trip, vacation, cruise, adventure or special event possible.  Our goal is to have you as a life-long customer and we promise to make every effort to ensure you receive the very best quality of service from our agency and from the travel providers we represent.