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Making vacations more fun is easy when you include extended family (brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc.) Vacations are always better with a group and we know just how to make it happen.

A family reunion means renewing friendships with those closest to us, and a special event to bring everyone together would be fantastic. Whether you need to organize multiple trips to the family home or find a site that can accomodate a big group, we can handle it all.

  • Do a reunion cruise

  • Rent a large beach house

  • Rent a big cabin in the mountains

  • Stay at a nice hometown hotel

  • Meet up in Branson or Pigeon Forge

  • Rent a beach house

  • Take a cruise

  • Go to a resort

  • Head out to Disneyworld

  • Go to a dude ranch

  • Camp out at a National Park

Whether it's a milestone (21, 30, 40, 50, 75) or just a celebration of YOU, a birthday or anniversary should be something special and you need lots of friends around to help you celebrate.  So, give us a call...we're good at planning these kind of "special" trips.

Friends are the best...and "the more, the merrier!" Getting a group of pals together makes for special times and life-long memories.  Do it "just because"...no special occassion needed!  Days of fun and nights of socializing will be the only agenda.  Let us handle all the details.

  • Group cruise

  • Rent a couple of beach bungalows

  • "Do the town" in Las Vegas or New York

  • Backpacking in the mountains

  • See the sights in Miami or Key West

Mature adults, both single and couples, enjoy sharing many professionally organized travel experiences within their group or social circle.  Here at OUTLAND TRAVEL, we service many such groups and we'd love to add your group to our list of well-satisfied customers.

  • Take a short or long itinerary motor coach tour

  • Enjoy an entertainment week-end excursion

  • Go on a shopping and sight-seeing trip

  • Take a cruise

Grabbing a few close friends and taking off for a long weekend or a couple of weeks make an excellent "getaway" and they're loads of FUN!  When you need to take a break from the daily routine, relieve some stress or just relax, there's no better way to do it ...and we'd love to help make the plans.


  • Shopping trip to New York, Atlanta or Chicago

  • A cruise or week-long stay at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort

  • Get pampered at  the spas in Sea Island, GA or Safety Harbor, FL

  • Splurge on a weekend of jazz, fun and food in New Orleans


  • Enjoy a 4-day golf outing in beautiful Myrtle Beach

  • Try your luck in 'Vegas or Atlantic City

  • Head to the Gulf coast for a weekend of deep sea fishing

  • Go for the big ones on a guided hunting / fishing trip to Alaska or the Rocky Mountains.




Make this an extraordinary event by including both the bachelor/ette parties and wedding in one exciting destination.  Bring along the entire wedding party and you'll have an event that will be remembered for years to come.  We've been doing these kinds of group travel events for a long time and we can do one for you, too.

  • Take a cruise and get married at sea

  • Go for an all-inclusive Caribbean resort and bring all the friends for the parties and wedding 

  • Head to Las Vegas for all the pre-wedding activities, then say your vows at the Bellagio or Caesar's Palace

  • Go for a special wedding destination like Niagara Falls or Honeymoon Island, FL.


Any graduation deserves some reward for all your hard work.  There's no better way to celebrate this accomplishment than bringing friends and family along on a travel adventure...a cruise, Disneyworld or, maybe, a week in London!  We'd love to join you in making plans for this special celebration.

Special Occasions



More and more, human resource studies tell us that workers value "time off" over cash compensation when it comes to rewards and incentives. Now, many business owners and professionals are turning to travel rewards for employee appreciation and recognition for this simple fact. Besides, healthcare research confirms that vacations (time off) contribute to less stress in the workplace and, overall, produces healther workers. Why not consider a travel reward for your employees...it will definitely be a "win-win" for everyone.

Give us a call and let's discuss how OUTLAND TRAVEL can work with you to create a great travel award that will fit within any employee recognition budget.

Business / Employee